Serving Girls and Boys in Urban Communities

 Instructional Videos:

Provided for below are some outstanding instructional videos prepared by Mr. Sean O’Neill, 5 time US Men’s Singles Champion and 2 time Olympian.
Mr. O’Neill presents the topic in a in a clear and articulate manner. We recommend children who are interested in improving their skills to watch and learn from these presentations.

Click Here    Forehand, Ready Position, Backhand, Topspin, Loop, Service

Also, please look at these video clips from this excellent website from Australia. This website PingSkills was developed to help promote the game of Table Tennis and provide a means for players of all standards to improve. We encourage you to visit their website directly. 

Click Here    Forehand Counter Hit

Click Here    Backhand Counter Hit

Click Here    Footwork

Click Here    Forehand Loop (Topspin Loop)

Click Here    Backhand Block (against topspin)

Professional Table Tennis:

Provided for below are a series of video clips from the German Table Tennis League and the French Table Tennis Association. The German Table Tennis League is a professional league featuring top athletes from around the world. Matches are updated weekly during the league season.

We encourage our students to watch and learn from these matches.

Table Tennis on German TV -

French Table Tennis Association. -